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Rigid Industries Dually LED vs Cheap On-line Copy

As one of the country's leading resellers of LED lights, Snake Racing are inundated with emails from overseas suppliers of inferior LED lighting products, asking us to stock their products. While were not about to start stocking products that don't meet  our high standards, we decided it was time to order a couple of these cheap LED lights and have a close look at the quality. You will be amazed at what we found!  

All Rigid Industries lights come with mounting brackets and wiring looms, and you know that all items and workmanship is of the highest quality. When we ordered the cheap light, we had to pay extra for the Deutsch Plug to be added and extra again for the wiring loom! Not only that, but the mounting bracket supplied didn't fit, and the Deutsch Plug didn't even work! To get the light to work, the plug was stripped at the loom and soldered together. Not ideal, but we wanted to see how this light would actually perform. 

Lights of this size are very popular with 4WDers as camping or work lights, so we decided to set up a campsite scene to see just how each light performed when illuminating this area. First up, lets take a look at the genuine Rigid Industries Dually in the flood pattern. 

As you can see, the Rigid Industries Dually Flood Pattern offers a very wide and even spread of light, that has no problem lighting up the campsite and the surrounding area. Also, the mounting bracket fits securely, offers loads of adjustment, and the plug-and-play wiring loom is totally waterproof and easy to fit. 

The cheap light does produce a somewhat useable light, but it doesn't come even remotely close to the output of the Rigid Industries Dually. When you factor in that it doesn't come with a wiring kit, and the mounting bracket is next to useless, you have to ask is it actually cheaper in the long run? 

So are you really getting what you paid for, and are these lights even going to work in a few months? To test the quality and construction of these lights, we submersed both under water to see how they stacked up. After just five minutes of being submerged together, the cheap light stopped working. The air bubbles coming out, and the amount of water in the light tell the story, while the Rigid Industries Dually showed no signs of water ingress or condensation. 

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Posted by EVAN SPENCE on Oct 16th 2014