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Rigid Industries Dually LED vs Cheap On-line Copy

As one of the country's leading resellers of LED lights, Snake Racing are inundated with emails from overseas suppliers of inferior LED lighting products, asking us to stock their products. While were not about to start stocking products that don' … read more

Posted by EVAN SPENCE on Oct 16th 2014

Rigid Industries 20 inch E and E2 Series LED Light Bar Comparison

                               The most popular LED light bars made by Rigid Industries would have to be the range of 20 inch light bars. Firstly, this is due to the … read more

Posted by EVAN SPENCE on Aug 5th 2014

Rigid industries 30" SR vs SR2 LED COMBO Comparison

One of the most popular sizes in Snake Racing's Rigid Industries LED light bar range, is the 30" single row light bar. Available in both the SR and SR2 Series, there is a single row LED light bar to suit almost every application.  The 30" S … read more

Posted by EVAN SPENCE on Aug 4th 2014

Rigid Industries 20" E-Series & E2 Series Light Bar Comparison

The Original LED Light Bar – The Rigid Industries E-Series was the first projected LED light bar. Since its introduction in 2006, the E-Series light bar has set the standard in the industry through continuing advances in technology and … read more

Posted by EVAN SPENCE on May 29th 2014