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Rigid Industries 20 inch E and E2 Series LED Light Bar Comparison


The most popular LED light bars made by Rigid Industries would have to be the range of 20 inch light bars. Firstly, this is due to the size of these light bars as the compact dimensions allow for easy fitment onto just about every bullbar on the market. Not only that, but the 20 inch range offers a wide offering of beam pattern options resulting in the best bang for buck when it comes time to purchase. Lets take a closer look at the what makes these lights tick!

E Series Combo: Weighing in at just 2.8kg, the E Series Combo produces an amazing 9,200 raw lumens. This light bar draws just 7.9 amps during operation, and it is rated to 110 watts. When it comes to distance, the E Series Combo will throw light 1024m down the road! 

E2 Driving: The E2 Driving pattern creates a dazzling 18,000 raw lumens. This light bar draws just 11.8 amps during operation, and is rated to 162 watts. While the total distance of light is down compared to other LED lights in the range at 589m, this light is perfect for those wanting excellent spread of light instead of just pure distance. 

E2 Hyperspot: The Hyperspot is a different beast all together creating 15,000 raw lumens. The amp draw is 10.9amps, and the light bar is rated to 150 watts. Distance is what this pattern is all about, throwing an amazing 1,769m down the road! 

E2 Combo: The E2 Combo produces 11,040 raw lumens. It draws 9.5amps, and it is rated to 150 watts. When it comes to distance, this light bar is a real performer shooting a light 1,299m down the road. 

All 20 inch light bars come with a set of solid stainless steel mounting brackets, with an almost endless array of mounting solutions available. Also, a high quality plug-and-play wiring loom is supplied with all Rigid Industries 20 inch LED light bars. These looms are complete with relay, waterproof Duetsch Plug, an illuminated switch, and terminated ends to make installing your LED light child's play.    

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Posted by EVAN SPENCE on Aug 5th 2014