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RotopaX Fuel and Water Container System Australia


Hi, I'm Crystal from Snake Racing. I don't know about you, but I am sick of battling with my old jerry cans: cracking, leaking seals, and the hassle of securing them down safely.

The answer is RotoPax: durable, rotationally molded portable fuel and water containers suitable for your 4WD, motorbike, quad, UTV, trailer, boat, shed, and practically anywhere extra storage is required. Let's take a look at what makes these fuel containers unique and perfect for every Australian.

The rotational molding process allows for thicker container walls, colourfast plastic, and single-piece construction, creating a strong storage container with no leaky joints. Available in a range of bright, easily recognisable colours, you can coordinate them to suit your needs.

The innovative modular design allows containers to clip and lock together. This means you can neatly and safely store extra liquid in any colour combination or size. Space, vehicle, and wall mountable first-aid kits and black storage containers are available for safekeeping all your dry goods and supplies.

Locking cells with childproof safety locks or individual tank spouts feature a unique locking mechanism that allows you to store RotoPax containers in a number of applications. Not just on vehicles and bikes, but also as wall storage on camper trailers, boats, and sheds. Strong aluminium anodised mounts come with tightening, locking, and extension options. No matter what your vehicle type or space considerations, your liquids can be stored flat, stacked, or side-mounted with RotoPax.

RotoPax are available in a range of sizes including 3.8, 7.5, 11, and 15-litre options for carrying water. The freezable, food-grade quality RotoPax is available in 3.8 and 7.5-litre options, so now it's even easier to take ice-cold water with you when you're out this summer.

To place an order or to find out more about how the RotoPax range can simplify your liquid transport, visit us online at

Visit the RotopaX Containers page for further details or to make a purchase.

Posted by Snake Racing on Jun 5th 2024