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How to raise the rear of your Next Gen Raptor

Are you looking for a little more height in the rear end of your Ford Ranger Raptor?

Snake Racing's Coil Strut Spacers are an economical way to gain a little more clearance in the rear end of your Ranger Raptor when fitted with the factory Fox suspension.

The Snake Racing Coil Strut Spacers are machined from high-quality billet alloy, are anodized to protect it against the elements, and come complete with equally high-quality fitting hardware.

Be aware, however, strut spacers are not suitable for vehicles carrying constant heavy loads.

If you're carrying constant weight, you'll need to upgrade to heavier springs.

To get a set of strut spacers on your four-wheel drive, log on to

Visit the Ranger Raptor Rear Coil Strut Spacer Kit - 25mm Lift page for further details or to make a purchase.

Posted by Snake Racing on Apr 8th 2024