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How to select which Nissan D22 Navara 3-inch lift kit is right for you


Hi, I'm Crystal from Snake Racing. Do you own a D22 Nissan Navara?

Today we're going to take a look at the Snake Racing 3-inch suspension lift kits and which kit is best suited to your needs.

Understanding your vehicle's weight and how it is distributed will determine which lift kit is right for you. Permanently mounted accessories such as bull bars, winches, and canopies or towing and carrying heavy loads need to be considered when selecting the correct kit.

At Snake Racing you have the option between four lift kits that have been designed to cater for the various weight proportions of your vehicle. All these kits contain the same base kit that will raise your suspension three inches and all kits come with the same options between shock absorbers. The parts in all kits are as follows: upper control arms, ball joints, and bushes for improved caster and wheel travel whilst allowing for three inches of lift; idler arm brace, which doubles the sheer strength to the idler arm; rock rod tie rod ends, stronger steering links between wheel and drag link; braided brake lines increase pedal response for when fitting larger tires; extended rear graceful shackles, greater flex, and smoother ride for off-roading; your choice of Rancho or Tough Dog front and rear shocks with the option of nine-state adjustable rear shocks.

Sports Kit

The sports kit is suited to vehicles with no additional weight from accessories such as bull bars and winches. This kit includes two front upper control arms with ball joints, idler arm brace, heavy-duty rock rod tie rod ends, front and rear braided brake lines, two rear X-flex extended greasable shackles, two front Rancho or Tough Dog shocks and two rear Rancho or Tough Dog shocks.

This kit provides improved on and off-road performance for those that don't have any additional weight now and are not planning on adding any additional weight in the future.

X-flex Kit

The X-flex kit is suited to vehicles with additional front weight such as a bull bar and winch. The X-flex kit comes with two X-flex torsion bars which support the additional weight from your accessories on the front of your vehicle.

Tradie Kit

The tradie kit is designed for those that carry weight in the rear. This kit includes u-bolts, bushes, and two rear leaf springs with options of either 150 or 300 kilos constant carrying capacity.

Touring Kit

The touring kit comprises of both torsion bars and leaf springs for supporting additional accessories and hauling extra loads.

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Posted by Snake Racing on Apr 6th 2024