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IFS Toyota LandCruiser Front Diff Relocation X-Member

Have you lifted the front of your IFS 100 Series Toyota LandCruiser and started experiencing premature wear to your CV’s and boots?

To avoid annoying breakages and extend the service life of these expensive components the Snake Racing drop diff X- member relocates the front diff to reduce wear on driveline components.

When lifting an IFS 100 Series Toyota LandCruiser by 'winding up' the torsion bars, excessive wear and misalignment of the front CV joints is a common complaint from owners. This is why Snake Racing has developed the IFS Toyota LandCruiser Front Diff Relocation X-Member, the ultimate modification for any IFS LandCruiser owner.

A bolt in operation, the Snake Racing IFS 100 Series LandCruiser Front Diff Relocation X-member is laser cut from 6mm steel, powder coated for durability and even comes complete with all fitting hardware you need for the installation.

To see the range of suspension upgrades available for your IFS Toyota LandCruiser click on this link If you need help with a custom application email –


Posted by EVAN SPENCE on Jul 10th 2014