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    RotopaX Orange 7.5L - First Aid Storage

    RotopaX Orange 7.5L - First Aid Storage
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    RotopaX First Aid packs are highly durable roto-molded containers, ideally suited for First Aid that you choose and fill yourself.

    RotopaX containers are superior and far more durable than the common blow-molded containers and provide many benefits such as thicker crush resistant walls and a overcanter lever retaining clips..

    Unique locking and mounting system gives you the ability to mount the RotopaX on just about anything in a secure way whilst in transport.

    Look at mounting options to see how you can mount the RotopaX for your transport needs. First Aid storge containers have no contemnts.

    Fill with your own supplies.Modular design allows you to clip multiple containers together.

    Empty weight of an Orange First Aid storage container is 2.2kg

    Dimensions - 18.5 x 13.5 x 3 inches


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