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    RotopaX Red 7.5L - Fuel Tank

    RotopaX Red 7.5L - Fuel Tank
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    RotopaX fuel packs are highly durable roto-molded containers, ideally suited for your extra fuel or other liquids.

    RotopaX containers are superior and far more durable than the common blow-molded containers and provide many benefits such as thicker crush resistant walls and a leak-proof gasket.

    Unique locking and mounting system gives you the ability to mount the RotopaX on just about anything in a secure way whilst in transport.

    Look at mounting options to see how you can mount the RotopaX for your transport needs. 7.5 Litre tanks are available in a range of colors to make identifying your fuel mix in each container.

    Tanks are compatible for petrol, diesel, kerosene, fuel / oil mixes and a food grade white tank is also available for water.

    Empty weight of a 7.5 litre pack - 2.2kg.

    Dimensions - 18.5 x 13.5 x 3 inches


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