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    Flat Link Rope Guard + Rivits

    Flat Link Rope Guard + Rivits
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    The Flat Link Rope Guard fits all Flat link, XXL and E (Expert Flat Links) 

    Providing synthetic rope protection from damaging UV light as well as impact and abrasion damage. 

    As you can see, when using the Rope Guard, all exposed synthetic rope surfaces are positioned behind the guard and fairlead, allowing you to use the Rope Guard as a skid surface when attempting to climb tall vertical obstacles.

    Made from Kaiser billet 6000 series aluminum and clear anodized for corrosion protection.

    Easy installation with 4 drive rivets. Keep your synthetic winch rope where it belongs – out of the sun and behind the fairlead.

    Note - When ordering online - 1 x purchase = 1 x Rope Guard only with installation rivits to fit the All Flat Link Hooks.(hooks not included)



      Recommendation for installation - We recommend that the FlatLink or UltraHook first be removed from your winch line prior to the Rope Guard installation.

    1 - Remove all rubber pieces from your FlatLink or UltraHook product. A little prying from a flat blade screwdriver should do the trick in popping out the rubber barbs. You will need to reinstall two of the rubber pieces after the Rope Guard installation is completed.

    2 - Place the FlatLink or Ultra hook on top of a piece of wood on the ground or workbench surface prior to hammering in the drive rivets. Be sure to orient the Rope Guard in the correct direction (slot facing the rear) prior to proceeding with the rivet installation.

    3 - For the UltraHook, make sure that the plane of the rubber pad surface is held flat to the wood surface for one side of the rivet installation and pivot the UltraHook over to the other surface for the remaining rivet installation.

    4 - Insert the 4 x included drive rivets and using a ¼ inch punch, hammer the drive rivet posts down until the posts are flush with the top of the rivet head.

    5 - Reinstall the rubber pads (lubricate the barbs) on the opposing side and you are done.