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    Synthentic Rope Spool - Medium

    Synthentic Rope Spool - Medium
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    The medium Synthetic Rope spool is designed to be used with synthetic rope on the Prolink, Flatlink, Expert Flatlink, Bridle and Ultra hook only.


     To thimble or not to thimble – that is the question.

     First, a little bit of info on D/d ratios.

     There is a common belief that a synthetic rope eye termination should possess a diameter D/d ratio in the 6-8 range. Most synthetic winch ropes come with metal thimbles providing this ratio when new. The trouble is that the metal thimbles eventually yield and collapse onto the retaining pin, thus reducing the D/d ratio considerably.

     Is this so bad? What happens to synthetic rope strength when the D/d ratio is reduced?

     Luckily for us off roaders, many technical papers have been written on this by rope manufacturers and cordage experts and corresponding tests have been completed. Even when a single leg rope eye is pulled against a D/d of 1 (3/8 rope eye pulled against a 3/8 pin), the rope still retains almost all of its original strength.

     Why is this?

     It’s because you have the load of the pin being carried by two legs of the rope, similar to basket loading a synthetic sling. In fact, the testing standard for pull testing synthetic rope single legs is to use a shear pin in the (1.5 – 2) X d.

    So what’s the bottom line, and what does this mean to us off roaders?

    It means that if your rope retaining pin is smooth, and at least as big as the rope diameter or greater, you can run a soft thimble-less eye on the end of your rope and lose little to no breaking strength.

    The Medium Synthetic rope spool will offer a D/d Ratio of 2.6 for those wanting to run soft eyes on the Prolink, Flatlink, Expert Flatlink, Bridle and Ultra hook.

    NOTE:  The Medium Rope spool will NOT work with ProLink XTV, ProLink XXL, or FlatLink XXL


    If you currently have a metal thimble on the end of your synthetic rope, ROPE SPLICING IS REQUIRED


     XTV and XXL Rope Spools coming soon