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    Fast Fid - Rope Splicing Tool

    Fast Fid - Rope Splicing Tool
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    Ever Wanted to splice your own Plasma Rope.

    The Fast Fid is a rope splicing tool designed for rapid repairing/splicing of synthetic winch lines.

    The compact 2 piece design includes a unique wire grip for holding the end of winch ropes.

    No need for any tape or other tools required. Trail repair takes only minutes.


    Machined from billet aluminum, anodized for corrosion protection.

    Winch rope repair fid with integral wire grip. Made in the USA.

    Compact 2 piece design. Billet aluminum construction.

    Laser engraved rope bury data along with measuring scale.

    Anodized for corrosion protection.

    Convenient cordura carry pouch with belt loop.

    Previous winch rope repair challenges have been eliminated with the Fast Fid.

    Winch rope trail repair has been reduced to only minutes.

    No additional hardware/tape required to repair or splice your synthetic winch line.

    Synthetic winch line is held firmly by the wire grip.

    Compact 2 piece design and cordura carrying bag make for convenient storing.