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    2005-15 Hilux Long Travel Adjustable Upper Control Arms

    L&R arms complete with bushes and ball joints ready to bolt on.
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    Have you lifted your Hilux 05+ and need more wheel travel. Are your stock upper arms hitting the coils?

    These arms allow for more wheel travel and clearance around the coil giving you more down travel.

    The use of a sealed upper ball joints allows for a long lasting unit not like other tubular arms on the market that hold mud and dirt in the open cerferical joint causing a short lifespan.

    The new arms allow and additional 2 degrees of camber and 0 to +4 degrees of caster. This is a massive gain that allows for a precise wheel alignment and a greater range of movement on a lifted truck.

    Note; when ordering online 1 x purchase = 1 x pair of upper control arms with 2 x ball joints and pivot bushes ready to bolt on.


    Add to Order Options:

    • 10mm Coil Strut Spacer Kit - #SN-HL10CSS

    • Drop Down Diff Kit - #SN-HL07DDDK

    Note:   If you have a 2” lift adding the 10mm Coil Strut spacer kit will give you another 1” (25mm) of lift.