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    BT50 Long Travel Adjustable Upper Control Arms

    BT50 Long Travel Adjustable Upper Control Arms
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    Have you lifted your Mazda BT50 and chasing more unbound wheel travel. Are your stock upper arms hitting the coils?

    The use of a sealed upper ball joints allows for a long lasting unit not like other tubular arms on the market that hold mud and dirt in the open cerferical joint causing a short lifespan.

    The new arms allow up to 2 degrees of positive / negative caster change over the stock arm. This is a massive gain that allows for a precise wheel alignment and a greater range of movement on a lifted truck.

    Note; when ordering online 1 x purchase = 1 x pair of upper control arms with 2 x ball joints and pivot bushes.


    Add to Order Options:

    • 10mm Coil Strut Spacer Kit - #SN-MAZBTAUCA

    Note:  If you have a 2” lift adding the 10mm Coil Strut spacer kit will give you another 1” (25mm) of lift.