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    2005-15 Hilux Front-only 3" X Flex Suspension Lift

    2005-15 Hilux Front-only 3" X Flex Suspension Lift
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    Designed to lift the front only of your 2005 onwards Toyota Hilux (3") 75mm, this kit comes with Foam Cell Tough Dog struts, your choice of medium or H/D coils, and strut spacers.

    Options to add a drop down diff kit to re-align your front diff (reducing wear on your CV's), braided brake lines to improve pedal response and upgrade to 9 stage adjustable struts from Tough Dog to dial in the perfect ride.

    NEW! upgrade to pre-assembled coil struts for easy installation.

    Choose the ideal coil spring; Medium Duty (for trucks fitted with alloy and/or stock bars) or Heavy Duty (for trucks fitted with steel bars and winches).

    Component List

    • 2 x Tough Dog Foam Cell Struts
    • 2 x Tough Dog Coil Springs
    • 2 x Snake Racing Strut Spacers

    Options (select when ordering)

    • 9 Stage Adjustable Struts
    • Coil Spring Rate - M/D or H/D
    • Drop Diff Kit
    • Braided Brake Line Kit
    • Pre-assembled Struts with new Top Plates