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    2005-15 Hilux 75mm X Flex Suspension Lift Kit

    2005-15 Hilux 75mm X Flex Suspension Lift Kit
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    Snake Racing X Flex suspension lift kit offers you a true 75mm (3") lift in the front and 50mm (2") in the rear of your 2005 onwards Toyota Hilux. This kit when fitted will have your truck sitting level and not with that nose down look other kits suffer from.

    The X Flex kit is ideal for those wanting to lift the truck when fitted with a bullbar / winch and don't carry heavy loads in the rear.

    No matter if you have a stock Hilux, or one fitted with a bullbar / winch, this kit has all the parts required, including Tough Dog foam cell struts, a drop down diff kit, foam cell rear shocks & extended greasable shackles to get your truck up and ready for larger tyres.

    Choose the ideal coil spring Medium Duty (for trucks fitted with alloy and/or stock bars) or Heavy Duty (for trucks fitted with steel bars and winches).

    Component List

    • 2 x Tough Dog foam cell struts
    • 2 x Tough Dog foam cell shocks
    • 2 x Tough Dog coil springs
    • 2 x billet alloy strut spacers
    • 1 x drop down diff kit
    • 2 x extended greasable shackles

    Spring Options (select when ordering)

    • Medium Duty coils
    • Heavy Duty coils

    Front Strut Options (select when ordering)

    • Pre-assembled (includes new OE style top plates)
    • Non pre-assembled (note; spring compressors required!)

    Add-to-order Options (select when ordering)

    • Braided Brake Line Kit - DOT approved and extended these lines will improve pedal response, ideal for when fitting larger tyres

    An easy bolt-on suspension kit that comes complete with all fitting hardware studs, washers and nuts required for lifting one Hilux.