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    Tough Dog BT-50 'Touring' Suspension Kit

    Tough Dog BT-50 'Touring' Suspension Kit
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    Is your Mazda BT50 Suspension in need of a upgrade ?
    This kit comes with all the parts to get your suspension upgraded from OEM and lifted all in one package.
    Options on rear spring rates allows for loads or any towing you may have while the adjustable rear shock option 
    offers the ability to tune the suspension for when loaded to empty or when off road. 

    Suspension Kit Includes

    • 2 x Tough Dog Foam Cell Front Shock Absorbers 
    • 2 x Tough Dog Torsion Bars
    • 2 x Tough Dog Rear Shock Absorbers 
    • 2 x Tough Dog Leaf Springs
    • 1 x Shackle Bush Kit 
    • 2 x U Bolt Kits 
    • 1 x Greasable Shackle Kit
    • 1 x Shock Mount Strengthening Kit

    Leaf Spring Options

    • Light Load to 300kg - #TD-FS368C
    • Medium load of 300kg to GVM - #TD-FS368L

    Rear Shock Options

    • Tough Dog 41mm Foam Cell Shock Absorber
    • Tough Dog 40mm 9 Stage Adjustable Shock Absorber