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    PX Ranger 3" X Flex Suspension Kit

    3" Snake Racing X Flex Lift kit.
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    Snake Racing Has combined all the parts to get you 3" of lift in your PX Ford Ranger.

    All the best parts in a complete kit to get your PX Ranger lifted ready for big wheels and tyres.

    Choose Medium or H/D coil rates to suit the front of your truck based on items fitted such as a bull bar / winch / Dual batteries. 

    Upgrade to Pre-assembled front springs and struts, save time and money on your install and get NEW strut top hats!  ($140.00 pair)

    3 different rear spring rates allows the correct spring rate to suit your trucks constant loads, towing & carrying needs. 

    Note - This kit is suited for PX1 & 11 models only. Will not fit PX3 Ford Ranger models 

    Parts List

    • 2 x Front Foam Cell Struts
    • 2 x Rear Foam Cell Shocks
    • 2 x Front Coil Springs
    • 2 x Adjustable Upper Control Arms
    • 2 x Strut Spacers
    • 2 x Rear Leaf Springs
    • 2 x U Bolt Kits
    • 1 x Shackle Bush Kit
    • 1 x Transmission Spacer Kit

    Coil Spring Options

    • Medium Duty Coils (Petrol/Diesel/Bar) - TD-TDC451
    • Heavy Duty Coils (Petrol/Diesel/Bar/Winch) - TD-TDC451HL

    Leaf Spring Options

    • Light load to 300kg - TD-FS369C
    • Medium load 300kg to GVM - TD-FS369L
    • Constant heavy load of 500kg to GVM - TD-FS369LL

    Add-to-order Options

    • Rear Greaseable Shackles - TD-TDGS-390
    • Front & Rear Braided Brake Line kit - SN-PXFR-FRBLK
    • Pre-assembled strut