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    Navara NP300 Rear Air Bag Kit - Coil Rear

    Navara NP300 Rear Air Bag Kit - Coil Rear
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    Do you carry extra heavy weight or tow trailers with your NP300 Nissan Navara with "Coil Rear End".

    The Rear Poly Air Bag kit is the answer to having a softer ride when empty and the stability and load capacity when your loaded up or towing trailers.

    Ideal for those that need to stiffen the rear end when towing or temporarily carrying heavy loads.

    The poly bag is inserted inside the rear coil spring, carrying capacity can be adjusted via remote air connections or from inside the cabin if you have a onboard air system with incab controls if required.

    Note - When ordering online 1 x purchase includes 2 x airbags and all hoses and connections to install on the rear of a coil NP300 Navara.