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    LandCruiser Diff Breather

    LandCruiser Diff Breather
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    If you traverse through deep water when off roading chances are the diff housings on your vehicle could have water inside.

    A hot diff becomes a open target for water damage if the breather is allowed to travel below the waterline. Seals and diff gears can be damaged if allowed to be in direct contact with water for long periods of time.

    These diff breather kits provide all the necessary parts to mount the front and rear breathers in a higher position than the factory unit Easily installed with basic hand tools, complete with 5 metres of breather line, 2 x pushin fittings, 2 x breather filters.

    Note - When ordering online 1 x purchase = 1 Diff breather kit to fit both front and rear diff.

    Suitable for 40 Series, 60 Series, 70/75 Series, 80 Series, 100 Series S/A, 76,78 and 79 Series Cruisers