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    Jumbo Bubba - Life Guard

    Life guard offers protection against abrasion from rocks and other debris.
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    Protect Your Jumbo Bubba with a 2 foot long life Guard

    The Life Guard is a high performance chafe guard for your Bubba Rope®. 

    Life Guard protects your Bubba Rope® from coming in direct contact with hard or abrasive surfaces during your recovery process.

    Each Life Guard is custom made to snuggly fit around your recovery rope no matter which diameter you are using.

    Prolong the life of your Bubba Rope® and add a Life Guard to your recovery rope kit.

    Don’t Let this Happen to your Bubba Rope!

    While Bubba Ropes are amazing and built to last they are not invincible.

    Almost 99% of ropes that fail do so because they come in contact with some kind of surface during recovery.

    This is called “cutting”. Because of the high level of stress that is put on a rope during recovery even a relatively smooth surface like a bumper can cut a rope.

    When ordering online1 x purchase = 1 x Life guard to suit "JUMBO BUBBA" (1-1/2" Rope)