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    Holden Rodeo 6mm Wheel Shims

    Holden Rodeo 6mm Wheel Shims
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    These 6 stud wheel "shims"  are only 6mm thick and will fit all 6 Stud Holden Rodeo's. 

    Wheel "shims" are perfect for giving clearance on tyres, tie rod ends, brake calipers or chassis clearance when fitting larger tyres or rims with the incorrect offset.

    Wheel "shims" share the same stud as the wheel and you must ensure you have enough stud protruding through the nut when fitting.

    Longer wheel studs can be supplied if required see Wheel studs listed on Website.

    Note: When ordering online 1 purchase = 1 x pair ( 2 ) 6mm Wheel "Shims".