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    Hilux Rear U Bolt Flip Kit

    Hilux Rear U Bolt Flip Kit
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    Snake Racing's U bolt flip kit allows you to remove the REAR lower shock plates from the underside of your rear leaf spring truck, providing more ground clearance and a cleaner underside to your axle tubes.

    Kit comes complete with 4 x 290mm long U bolts (U bolts are long enough to fit 50mm lift blcoks.) 2 x flip plates that are zinc coated to protect against corrosion.

    Note: the rear lower shock mounts will need to be relocated when using the U bolt flip kit.

    Rear lower shock mounts can be relocated using our inverted shock kit (Part #SR-IRSK3) or using our Hilux forward shock mounts (Part #SR-HLFSM2) that retain the standard shock position.