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    E Series Opaque White Lens Cover 10"

    E Series Opaque White Lens Cover 10"
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    Suitable for all E Series & RDS Rigid industry LED light bars only.

    These durable covers offer protection to the lens when the light is not in use and keep your vehicle street legal in states that require covers.

    These E-Series Light Covers from Rigid Industries are the perfect solution for style and function.

    Give your vehicle a unique look while also protecting your investment.

    These light covers are made from a durable polycarbonate plastic that offers an extra layer of protection for the lens of your E-Series LED light.

    Snap on and off, so swapping them out is simple and easy. They are also perfect for states that require covers on accessory lights.

    The E-Series LED Light Cover comes in 10" segments, so make sure you order the appropriate quantity for your LED light bar.

    Example, if you have a 50" E-Series LED Light Bar, you will need five 10" segments.



    • 1 x 10" Opaque White Lens Cover

    *Light bar in photo not included.

    • Easy to Snap On & Off
    • Polycarbonate Plastic
    • Extra Layer of Protection
    • Compatible with all Rigid industries E Series and RDS LED lights