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    Snake Racing are proud to have a long history of manufacturing products right here in Australia, and proud to continue supporting local material suppliers, machine shops and coating specialists that help us to continue to offer Australian Made products.

    Over the last decade we have watched our industry be flooded with copy cat products from overseas manufacturers. Many of these parts are direct copies of products that were designed by Snake Racing in Australia and a copy of the Australian Made original that Snake Racing continue to manufacture here in Australia.

    In addition to the flood of low quality imports into our market, the cost of continuing to manufacture products in Australia has sky rocketed due to rises in energy costs, wages, materials, and many of our industry colleagues have ultimately had no choice but to close their doors.

    So next time you buy parts for your 4x4, consider buying Australian Made, because it might just keep your son or daughter in a job.

    Some of the many products Snake Racing manufacture in Australia;

    • Wheel Spacers
    • Extended Shackles
    • Braided Brake Lines
    • Coil Strut Spacers
    • Dropped Radius Arms
    • Adjustable Panhard Bars
    • Adjustable Trailing Arms
    • Cross Over Steering Kits
    • Heavy Duty Drag Links
    • Body Lift Kits