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    75 Series 40mm Tough Dog Suspension Kit

    Your choice of Foam Cell or 9 Stage Adjustable shocks.
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    Tough Dog 40mm Complete Suspension Lift Kit to suit Toyota 75 Series Landcruiser 11/84-99.

    Is your truck in need of a upgrade in the suspension ?

    The Tough Dog 2" lift kit offers front and rear options to lift and increase the carrying capacity to accommodate all your accessories

    or loads you carry or tow.

    Complete kit is all bolt on replacing the OEM parts with upgraded components.  

    Parts List

    • 2 x Front Shock Absorbers
    • 2 x Rear Shock Absorbers
    • 2 x Front Leaf Springs
    • 2 x Rear Leaf Springs
    • 4 x U Bolt Kits
    • 1 x Front Urethane Bush Kit
    • 1 x Rear Urethane Bush Kit

    Front Leaf Spring Option

    • Medium Duty (Petrol/Diesel/Bar) - #TD-T52
    • Heavy Duty (Petrol/Diesel/Bar/Winch) - #TD-T52H

    Rear Leaf Spring Option

    • Carries up to 300kg - #TD-T51
    • Constant load of 300kg to GVM - #TD-FS751M
    • Constant load of 500kg to GVM - #TD-FS751HM

    Add to Order

    • Steering Damper - Three options available -  (#TD-EXT5001 / #TD-SS5001-P/S / #TD-SV5001)
    • Front Greasable Shackles - #TD-TDGS-357
    • Rear Greasable Shackles - #TD-TDGS-357
    • Front and Rear Braided Brake Line Kit - #SN-LC70-FBRBLK1 / #SN-LC70-RBRBLK1