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    20 inch E Series LED Light Bar Comparison



    Before purchasing a light spend a moment to understand beam patterns and what light will suit your application. With the many LED's on the market you will find there is a lot of confusion over what is actually a good light. Buying the largest light does not mean it acutally may be the best option the below photos will show the difference in beam patterns and landscapes.

    This page shows the 20" E series range in 2 different ways. On a sports field which is like comparing to a open flat type enviroment and also a roadway where the landscape is more 3 dimensional with lots of treeline. The Difference can be easily seen with the change in surroundings between the 2 landscapes 

    Key points to note - Where are you mounting your light and what do you want to see from your light when on. The higher a light can be mounted from the ground will ultimately give you better distance and coverage. 

    20" LED Light Bar - Light Output Comparison (Sports Field)

    20" LED Light Bar Dimensions


    Dimensions of 20 inch E Series Light Bar