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    Radiance + LED - RED Backlight

    Radiance +  LED  - RED Backlight
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    The Radiance + with Red back light is unlike any other LED Light Bar.

    Offering an illuminated back board giving a new look never seen before in a LED Light Bar.

    Offering 5 x different lengths from 10" to 50" with different coloured backboards makes the options endless.

    options for White , Blue, Green, Amber and Red in the back board allow you to have a cool custom look when the main LED is off and the back light on.

    Rigid industries started with the popular E Series Housing then inserted a black exposed printed circuit board & optimised forward projecting optics.

    A larger Single row of LED's with a combination of each LED offering both Spot and spread over previous specific beams. 


    *Add Lens Cover Kit

    Select a colour and you'll receive:

    Please note - all covers are 10" in length and snap on/off with ease.

    When ordering online you will receive the correct number of covers to suit the light bar ordered.

    Covers are designed to mount side-by-side on 20" and greater light bars.

    Light Bar Features

    • IP68 Compliant Dust / Water ingress
    • Weather & Shock Proof
    • Unbreakable Lexan Lens
    • Extruded Alloy Housing
    • Black powder coated mounts
    • Black exposed printed circuit board
    • No Warmup, Instant On/Off
    • No Vibration or Bouncing Beam


    Light Bar Specifications

    • 3.45lbs
    • 9V-15V DC compatable
    • 3.9 Amps @ 14V
    • 6 Led's
    • 57 watts
    • 3642 Raw Lumens
    • 105000 Peak Beam intensity
    • Lux 1100 @ 10 metres


    What's included

    1 x LED Radiance LED Light bar

    2 x Mounts + fittings

    1 x Wiring loom with switch

    Light Bar Dimensions

    12⅞ 11⅜ 10¾ 2⅝

    Package Inclusions

    • 1 x shockproof E Series light bar
    • 1 x complete wiring loom with inbuilt fuse, relay and
      illuminated on/off switch
    • 1 x weather proof plug
    • 2 x cast alloy mounting brackets