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    MSA Organiser - Dash

    MSA Organiser - Dash
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    The MSA 4x4 Dash Organiser is another fantastic, innovative original that keeps everything you use, when sitting in the driver or passenger seat, close at hand and easy to access, right in front of you! The Dash Organiser has a velcro base that attaches directly to your dashmat. It is also supplied with adhesive touch tape to attach to the dash if you don't have a dashmat. Easy! The Organiser will mould to any dash shape, you can even install it vertically on the transmission hump.

    With 5 pockets to store your smaller items, such as: sunglasses, two way radios, pens, mobile phones, cameras, etc and one larger pocket for your map, you will never have to go searching for the things you need again.

    The top of the Dash Organiser is insulated from our harsh Australian sun with 5mm insulation and is completely UV stable. The 9mm elastic strip holds over each item to prevent anything ending up on your lap when you go offroad. Why do we only make it in black? Light colours reflect off the windshield, black doesn't.