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    Hilux 10/2015+ MSA Front Canvas Seat Covers 12oz

    Hilux 10/2015+ MSA Front Canvas Seat Covers 12oz
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    New Generation 12 oz Toyota SR & SR5 Hilux Canvas Seat Covers Now Available! 

    MSA 4X4 Customers expect the best, which is why a patented, integrated fully adjustable Air Lumbar Support System is now included as standard on the new generation 10/2015 +  Toyota SR & SR5 Hilux front Canvas Seat Covers!

    The patented MSA 4X4 Integrated Air Lumbar Support System provides adjustable lumbar support where and when you need it most.

    With a unique, fully adjustable air inflated bladder insert, you can position the support to suit you perfectly with its internal velcro system.

    The supplied air valve allows you to inflate as much or as little air support to suit your needs at any time.

    Vehicles of today are more technologically advanced than ever before, which means that even the humble seat cover must be designed to work in perfect harmony with your vehicle.

    When it comes to airbags and safety, everything must deploy at the same time – to one thousandth of a second accuracy.

    If your seat cover obstructs an airbag from deploying as intended, it may well result in serious injury to you or your family, as well as insurance concerns.

    When ordering online 1 x purchase = 1 x pair 12oz Front seat covers (bucket seats) 10/2015+ SR/SR5 Hilux