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    DS40 Drop Fridge Slide

    DS40 Drop Fridge Slide
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    Designed with a hammering in mind from our nasty outback's so called "roads", the "Drop Slide" is manufactured from steel with a powder coated flat black finish. The bearing sliders, gas struts, locks and roller bearings have been thoroughly proven to withstand whatever abuse is thrown their way.

    The Drop Slide can be used for other items, such as generators and tool boxes as well as fridges!

    They are supplied with a kit to locate the fridges and tool boxes on the tray.


    • Blue anodised aluminium handle
    • Runners have a lock-in, lock-out mechanism
    • Tie down straps are now included as an accessory to secure your fridge.

    The DS40 will suit the following portable fridges:

    • ARB up to 47ltr
    • Bushman up to 52ltr
    • Engel up to 40ltr
    • Ironman up to 45ltr
    • Waeco up to 60ltr
    • Evakool up to 40ltr
    • Opposite Lock up to 50ltr
    • Most other fridges up to 60ltr


    Fridge Tray 715mm x 390mm 810mm x 480mm 870mm x 530mm
    Slide Length Closed 820mm (+20mm for lock) 883mm (+20mm for lock) 926mm (+20mm for lock)
    Slide Length Open 1625mm (+20mm for lock)    
    Slide Width 500mm (+20mm for nyloc nuts) 595mm (+20mm for nyloc nuts) 642mm (+20mm for nyloc nuts)
    Runner length closed 812mm 865mm 913mm
    Drop 300mm 300mm 300mm
    Mounting floor to base of fridge 35mm 35mm 35mm
    Load rating 200kg 200kg 200kg

    Please note: Front of slide can be mounted up to 115mm back from front edge of mounting surface.