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    50" Adapt LED Light bar

    50" Adapt LED Light bar
    Made to order - approx 4 weeks.
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    The RIGID® Adapt™ LED light bars are the world’s first off-road lighting products that adjust instantly to driving conditions and speeds.

    The need to choose one fixed beam pattern, such as a spot or flood, is now a thing of the past with RIGID’s introduction of the adapt series.

    Adapt offers 8 x in cab selectable beam patterns and accent lighting that gives it a soft glow in any chosen colour within one single fixture.

    You have the option to manually select the beam pattern using the Rigid Dash Controller, or place it on adaptive mode to actively adjust light output suitable for your vehicles speed.

    The expanded mounting capabilities including the traditional side mounts, as well as, all new stealth mounting options to enable greater versatility and better low-profile mounting.

    RIGID Adapt Light Bars are available in 10-inch to 50-inch lengths and include a RIGID Dash Controller, Under Dash Module, wiring harness, and mounting hardware.


    • Active View Technology- Automatically change beam patterns based on vehicle speed

    • 8 x in cab selectable beam pattern from 5-Degrees to 90-Degrees

    • Watts 344-468 variable through the beam range
    • Integrated optic design with spot, flood, and driving zones

    • Back lit moulded dash controller- Enables user to select mode, accent colour, adaptive mode, and select between 2 user presets

    • Selectable RGB-W accent lighting- Choose from any colour in the lift spectrum


            Mode    Watts    amp draw     Raw Lumans  

             1          400        28.6             34240

             2          441        31.5             34925

             3          464        33.15           35885

             4          468        33.40           36800

             5          451        32.20           34200 

             6          435        31.05           31600 

             7          390        27.85           29000

             8          344        24.60           36400



    Options Available:

    • Add Adapt Lens Cover – Opaque Black, Opaque White, Clear, Amber, Blue, Red, Green, Smoke
    • Add Adapt GPS Module  - Required for auto adjust light output
    • Add Stealth Mount


    Note: When selecting Lens covers, the amount of covers required for the chosen Adapt light bar size will be added and the price will be adjusted respectively.