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Selecting the correct tube clamp kit - Measuring is important

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Tube clamp kits are a great way to mount your LED lights or other accessories to your tube work.

As the clamps are not adjustable the need to be as close to the actual size is important.

A lot of manufacturers of a tubular products will supply tubing size of raw material and not that of it in a finished state with paint, zinc or other protective coatings.

In many cases if primers and powder coating has been applied to the tube it can be altered by as much as 2mm making the size of clamp required larger.

It is important to measure all tubes correctly to the mm, ensure to always measure on the straight and not corners as this will not be round due to bends that have been made to the tubing.

If you are unsure on which clamp works best for you once you have the measurement contact us for assistance 

This video shows the best way to measure your tube work.

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